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LINKED Robotics

LINKED Robotics

autonox customers appreciate our sales advice and direct after-sales service for robot mechanics.

The LINKED Partner program gives them the same access to the specialists of our partner companies. The advice and the sale of the LINKED Products is handled directly by the respective manufacturer. Their products have been technically adapted for use with autonox robot mechanics. They offer our customers significant advantages and unique product features. On the product pages of autonox robot mechanics (autonox Finder) you will find Internet links to our partners and their products.

LINKED Control partner

autonox robot mechanics can be driven with any controller suitable for robotics. We recommend the suitable motor types (manufacturer of your choice) for the selected robot mechanics. This means that you do not have to determine the motor dimensions yourself.


  • Standardization of the control system within the entire ROBOT-based automation system (shortened commissioning, uniform software development environment, simplified service, cost-reduced spare parts management ...)
  • High-level language programming
  • Programming in languages customary in the industry (e.g. G-Code in the field of CNC Robotics)
  • Access to the servocontroller settings
  • Increased performance by using the permissible gearbox load spectrum
  • Full integration of robot mechanics into the simulation tools of LINKED Control partners (digital twin)
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LINKED Control partner

LINKED Component partner

We strive to always offer our customers added value. This also applies to the selection of our  LINKED Component partners and their products. One example of this added value is that our customers do not have to do any engineering (calculations, adaptations ...) when selecting suitable components. The partner products offered are already dimensioned and designed for autonox robot mechanics.


  • Tools (e.g. grippers or spreading tools) that can be mounted directly on the EOAT flange without intermediate flange
  • Tools (e.g. grippers or spreading tools) that do not have their own actuator but are driven by the autonox T-shafts
  • Traversing axes for robots: The assembly of the robots on the traversing carriages is carried out without intermediate flanges 
  • Traversing axes for robots developed for autonox 5DoF articulated arm mechanics to avoid further singularities in 6DoF applications. In addition, the structure becomes compact and stiff
  • Secondary encoder for the robot gearbox output flanges
  • Media guides (hose packages, recirculation systems ...)
  • Sensors for recording operating data (condition monitoring)
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Cable carriers

BizLink, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Fremont, USA and has been for years a preferred supplier of many automotive and factory automation OEMs. BizLink products are already facing up to the key future trend of digitalisation with an extensive and innovative range of complementary products and services in the market segments Automation, Drives and Robotics. In several competence centres around the world BizLink develops, produces and distributes a wide variety of solutions, including robotic cables and their assembly, hoses and tubes, dresspack systems, integration-ready robots, sensor-based measuring solutions, robot programming and automation systems training. With its product range BizLink confronts the market’s challenges by way of ongoing collaboration with technology leaders and user organisations, and it actively develops products as well as services to meet the trends of the future, especially with respect to the increasing digitalisation.

igus is a manufacturer of high-performance polymers for movement, based in Cologne (Germany). We have been developing and producing so-called motion plastics, innovative products made from lubrication-free plastics, since 1964. These include energy chains, cables, plain bearings, lead screw technology, robots and intelligent sensors that help our customers to improve their technology and reduce costs. Most products are manufactured using the injection moulding process, from which the company derives its name:
igus = "Industriespritzguss" (industrial injection moulding).

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End of arm tooling (EOAT)

IPR – Intelligente Peripherien für Roboter GmbH offers an extensive range of products with innovative systems and components for assembly and handling technology. Our parallel and angular grippers, tool changers, alignment devices, load limiters, 7th axes and customised solutions are used by customers in many countries worldwide. Companies across all sectors place their trust in our products. Quality, technical expertise and industry knowledge are our most important qualities.

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Linear tracks

Güdel Group, headquartered in Switzerland, is a global leader in automation, linear and drive technology. It has been owned by the owner family since its foundation and employs around 1,000 people at more than 25 locations worldwide. Güdel AG is a manufacturer of high-precision machine components and sophisticated automation solutions. Its products range from linear guides, racks, pinions and gears to linear axes and gantry robots.
Traversing axes for robots from Güdel impress with their roller guide system in terms of stability and insensitivity to dirt. The closed carrier profile ensures optimum load distribution on the rails, resulting in very smooth running. The axles can be manufactured in segments and can therefore be extended in length very easily. Axle lengths of up to 100m can be realized without problems.

Indunorm Bewegungstechnik GmbH, based in Duisburg and Stuttgart, has been developing, manufacturing and selling linear technology for mechanical engineering and automation technology for 50 years. The company is also the largest European sales partner of the linear guide manufacturer and world market leader THK.

The portfolio also includes linear technical assemblies, roller guides, ball bushings, telescopic guides and linear axis and handling systems as well as automation solutions for machine tools "Made by Indunorm".

For customers of autonox robots, Indunorm offers the appropriately coordinated linear tracks . Due to the extremely flat substructure, the track is perfect for floor, ceiling or wall mounting of the robot. It can also be moved with millimeter precision and flexibly expanded. Thanks to the robust construction, it can also be used in dirty or sensitive work areas.

IPR - Intelligente Peripherien für Roboter GmbH is your reliable expert for high-quality robot components and systems since 1989. With our many years of experience, we offer customized 7th axis solutions that efficiently and reliably enhance the performance of your industrial robots.
For over 18 years, customers worldwide have been relying on our axles made of aluminum, steel or composite concrete. Whether you have a small cobot, medium-sized industrial robot or large heavy-duty robot - we have the right solution for your application. Each axis is individually tailored to your requirements and impresses with its quality, load capacity and long service life.

Rollon – Modular linear technology for your automation

For more than 45 years, Rollon has specialized in the development and production of linear motion technology. Today, the international player is among the worldwide leading suppliers of complete linear technology solutions, offering one of the most comprehensive assortments of linear rails, telescopic slides and actuators. No matter the industry, application or requirement – with a diverse portfolio of modular linear components, Rollon creates flexible mechanical automation systems and custom-tailored concepts. Tailored to the particular customer requirements, Rollon modifies components individually or develops entirely new custom solutions.

Vansichen Linear Technology is a Belgian company based in Hasselt that has been the specialist in linear technology since 1993. This ranges from selling and engineering individual components and subsystems for machine builders to building complete xyz systems, gantries, positioners and robot tracks for industrial robots. For any linear motion, Vansichen can look for the most efficient solution.

Vansichen tracks extend the reach of your industrial robot. This goes from engineering to on-site assembly. The linear systems and tracks have a wide range of applications, including: paint, welding, cleanroom, ...., etc. The tracks can be floor mounted, wall mounted or ceiling mounted. The company has 25 employees and operates worldwide and has already built more than 1000 tracks and linear systems over the years, building up great expertise.

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Multi axis positioner

Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH – part of the Nabtesco Group - is the world's largest and most recognised manufacturer of cycloidal gears.
Thanks to our special technology and more than 30 years of bundled engineering competence, our precision gears are extremely robust and at the same time highly precise.
All this makes them ideal for applications in many high-tech sectors.
11 million of our gearboxes are in use around the world. They are used in more than 60 % of all industrial robots worldwide.
We offer solutions for the robotics, handling, machine tool, packaging, medical, positioning, welding, logistics & transport and antenna construction industries.
In addition to our proven gear series, our special strength is our engineering services with customised components and modifications.
For example, Nabtesco also offers control-independent positioning units with our own cycloidal gearboxes as the core component. This allows you to significantly reduce the time and effort required for design, production and assembly.

With its automation solutions, WEISS GmbH is one of the world’s leading system suppliers in the automotive industry, machine and plant manufacturing, life science, and electronics. The reliable and durable rotary indexing tables, handling units, delta robots, and linear transfer systems are making the industrial production of tomorrow a reality. With its expertise in mechanical, mechatronic, and digital solutions, WEISS paves the way for industrial transformation. By applying their engineering expertise, knowledge of industries and processes, and high affinity for serving customers, the experts assist system integrators and producers in designing and operating innovative and sustainable production plants. The family-owned company with headquarters in the city of Buchen in Germany’s Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area, operates on a global scale. Founded in 1967, WEISS now has a staff of around 700 employees and is represented with its sales, service, and manufacturing locations in 49 countries.

LINKED Software and Service partner

These partner companies offer a wide range of services in the field of robotics.


  • Consulting for product approvals within the EU and USA
  • Simulations/digitization (digital twins)
  • CAD data/parts management
  • Commissioning/application programming
  • Training courses
  • Maintenance/service
  • HMI software
Service Partner
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LINKED Software and Service partner

Math.Tec GmbH deals with mathematical concepts and their concrete implementation in logistics. With our product MATH.PACK, a software for the calculation of optimal packing patterns, we see ourselves as an integrative part of an overall robotics solution with a very wide range of applications. Our many years of international project experience, combined with top scientists from the field of optimization, put us in a very good position to find a practical solution to complex robotics tasks and to bring innovations on the way.

You should always expect anything. Even the best.


TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH is an international service company and offers you all necessary services in the areas of testing, certification, project support and training.
As a testing service provider, TÜV SÜD is available to you for stationary, collaborative and mobile robots in all industries and application areas. Requirements for mechanical, electrical and functional safety are covered as well as test scopes of typical applications, e.g. in the manufacturing industry, semiconductor industry, logistics and explosion protection.

ZEBRA Engineering is service partner of autonox Robotics GmbH. We are a reliable contact for you when it comes to the optimal use, installation and commissioning of autonox robot mechanics.

Our experienced and specially trained personnel will take care of the service, maintenance and optimization of your systems. In this way, we ensure your continuous production process and create maximum efficiency for you.

M&P your EU-certified expert team ISO/IEC 17024 for machine safety / CE as well as for robots and handling systems:
"We are your safety project partner with focus on automation and robotics for new machines, rebuilds as well as retrofit. We provide you with effective support in concept development, risk assessment and technical documentation up to complete CE marking.
With over 30 years of combined practical experience, our support gives you the assurance that you are 100% compliant with legal manufacturer requirements."


RoboDK is a powerful and cost-effective simulation and programming software for industrial robots.
RoboDK’s simulation and offline programming tools allow you to program robots outside the production environment, eliminating production downtime caused by shop floor programming. No programming skills are required with the intuitive RoboDK graphical interface. Easily simulate and program industrial robots offline from your 3D models and deploy robot programs avoiding singularities, axis limits and collisions with just a few clicks.
RoboDK simulation software allows you to get the most out of your robot by offering a wide variety of over 20 applications.

Visual Components is a leading global provider of simulation software for advanced manufacturing. Our solution includes 3D manufacturing simulation, offline robot programming, material flow analysis, layout planning, virtual commissioning and data-driven decision making. Our library supplies by standard over 3000 simulation-ready components, which includes all major robot manufacturers. By providing tools to optimize processes, accelerate automation and improve decision making, Visual Components enables customers to revolutionize their manufacturing processes.

LINKED Integrator partner

Are you an end customer and interested in a turnkey production plant with integrated autonox mechanics? Contact one of our  LINKED Integrator partners who specialize in autonox robot mechanics and offer automation tailored to your needs. It goes without saying that these companies have extensive expertise in autonox mechanics and ROBOT-based automation.
In addition, industry and application-related specialist knowledge is often available.


  • Food industry / hygienic design
  • Pharmaceutical industry / pharmaceutical design
  • CNC robotics
  • Packaging industry
  • Automotive industry
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LINKED Integrator partner

FPA - Automation technology for the food industry.
As a system integrator, we support you from the task definition through the planning phase to the implementation and production of your plant. Afterwards, our After Sale & Service department will support you in the maintenance and optimization of your production. We integrate and program standard control systems and link them to the corresponding robot structures, actuators and sensors.
Together with you, we find the appropriate robot mechanics and automation solutions.

MRK-Systeme GmbH - robot system integrator for the manufacturing industry and automotive production.
Since 2004 MRK-Systeme develops automation solutions with different tasks. Thereby control-independent solutions with autonox kinematics are implemented according to customer requirements. The engineering services range from conceptual design, simulation, construction, commissioning, programming to CE documentation as a turnkey system. In the same way, individual modules can also be implemented in cooperation with the end customer. Our promise is an efficient, cost- and deadline-oriented implementation.

Since 1966, Riehle has stood for German quality and engineering. In 2013, Riehle became part of the WP Bakerygroup and still stands for quality "Made in Germany". We have taken up the challenges of the last years and increasingly worked on complete solutions with robot systems. The main focus is on control-independent robots in the bakery and food industry in various designs. We are proud to design and produce all machines directly at our location in Aalen. This gives us the possibility to adapt existing systems to customer needs and to offer flexible solutions.

ZEBRA Engineering is system integrator of autonox Robotics GmbH. We are a reliable partner for you when it comes to the optimal use, installation and commissioning of autonox robot mechanics.

With the unique selling point of being a specialized B&R Qualified partner, we are also your partner for design, commissioning and seamless integration. Together we will find the best solution for you.